Update: Facebook and Time Management

I'm now in my fifth week of restricting Facebook time to (mostly*) just Saturday. So far, it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made since I created my account in 2007. It's been amazing to realize just how habitual my Facebooking had been before AND how easily that habit could be broken once I committed to the Saturday-only policy. During the first week, I often felt itchy about it--wanting to check my news feed whenever boredom or mental fatigue set in. By week two, that impulse had diminished substantially, and these days, I can honestly say that I almost never think about checking Facebook on a week day. If I see something I want to share, I save it for Saturday.

*The only thing I've modified about this new regimen is that I now make a note of upcoming birthdays for the week ahead so I can log in on the actual day and wish friends a happy birthday, then immediately log back out. That feels like a reasonable compromise, and so far it hasn't led me astray.

I feel the urge to go on and on about this because I think it is so important not only for our personal well being but the future of our whole planet. But respecting both my time and yours, dear reader, I will leave it at this:

Figure out what is most important in your life. Think hard about how many things you can really prioritize. Take care of your health. Take care of your personal relationships. Take care of your civic responsibilities. Enjoy one or two hobbies. Find a strategy to minimize everything that is not a priority. That's it.

Bonus advice: if you don't already keep a journal, start one. There's no better way to learn about how you spend your time and attention than making yourself account for it in writing every day. It doesn't have to be extensive, but make it consistent. See my previous post about bullet journaling.