Our Local Junkyard Messiah

I just met an indigo child from the sixth dimension who is on this planet to show other people how to live. He works at Tompkins County Recycling and Solid Waste Center in the non-mixed recycling bays (rigid plastics, batteries, plastic films, etc.) He bid me good morning as I threw our old dish drainer into the bin, and after I asked how he was doing, he spent the next ten minutes telling me about the aliens hidden at Area 51 and how our government orchestrated both the mass shooting in Las Vegas and all the hurricanes in the Atlantic.  

Yet, despite everything, he remains invincibly happy just to wake up and be alive every day. He told me that he's both an early bird and a night owl.

"So do you take a long nap in the afternoon?" I asked.

"No, I just power through. I'm one of those people who--four hours of sleep and I'm good. I drink coffee though. I wake up in the morning, and I don't stop talking till I fall asleep. But I don't talk in my sleep. And I never dream. Every so often, I do have a dream and it's always really weird. I really like your shirt by the way."

Also, his beard provides SPF 50 level protection from the sun, and some day, he plans to go live in the desert and grow this beard really long.  "I'm here to save humanity, but not society," he told me. "Society's going to fall no matter what, but humanity we can save."

If you go to the TCRSWC to recycle an old appliance, you should definitely talk to him. You will never forget it.